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The Eurasian Cup on open water is a unique swim series, where for the first time there is a popular selection in the whole world for the final swim of the year, where the best of the best will compete!





The Eurasian Cup is 19 unique starts in different cities of Russia and beyond! Also this year the Cup gives its participants the opportunity to visit the launches in Abkhazia, Sicily and Cyprus! The series will start on March 17 in Cyprus, and will end on November 4 with the Final of the Eurasia Cup swimming in open water in Sicily!


The distances are 1 km, 1.5 km, 1.9 km, 3 km, 3.8 km, 5.8 km, 6 km and 10 km. Also separate distances for children, relay teams, the ability to overcome the distance in fins! All this exists so that the participants can compete together! 5 first finishers in each age category among men and women at any stage of the series get the right to participate in the final of the Cup of Eurasia!


In 2018, 5,000 participants are expected, while in 2017 1,000 people took part in the start-ups!


The partners of the Cup in 2017 at the stages were: TACC, MATCH TV, HEAD, SIS, KINETIK and others.


Take part in our start! Join one big, friendly and strong family of swimmers! Change yourself and my environment! Go in for sports! Be with us!

Eurasia Swim Cup


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